Statement in Support of the Families of Casey Goodson Jr. and Andre Hill

December 30, 2020/by Sherri


June 19, 2020/by Sherri

Growing Your Business with Contracts & Certifications

May 28, 2020/by Sherri

Paisha Thomas Performs at the 2020 Virtual Ohio Black Expo

May 26, 2020/by ujimaunit

Adam Troy Receives 2020 OBE Honors Award

May 25, 2020/by ujimaunit

DJ Krate Digga Kicks Off 2020 Ohio Black Expo ‘Black Expollence’ Webcast

May 25, 2020/by ujimaunit

Powerful Drawing Illustrates Dr. George Fraser’s Words on Why We Must “Connect the Dots”

March 15, 2020/by ujimaunit

Celebrating the Ohio Black Expo’s 40 Year Journey

March 7, 2020/by ujimaunit

This Iconic Songstress Was Born in Toledo, Ohio And Has 5 Platinum & 1 Gold Album

February 22, 2020/by ujimaunit

‘The Ballot or the Bullet’ Was First Given By Malcolm X in Cleveland Ohio in 1964

February 22, 2020/by ujimaunit

Legendary Dayton Poet Has Over 50 Schools Named After Him

February 9, 2020/by ujimaunit

Nikki Giovanni Grew Up in Lincoln Heights: A Thriving Black Community in ‘The Nati’

February 8, 2020/by ujimaunit

Which Ohio City Had a Parade for this Legendary Hero in 1923?

February 2, 2020/by ujimaunit

Martin Luther King Jr. Spoke At These 2 HBCUs In Ohio

January 18, 2020/by ujimaunit

Coretta Scott King Went To College in Ohio

January 17, 2020/by ujimaunit

2 Ways to Practice the Powerful Principle of Ujamaa

December 29, 2019/by ujimaunit

Black Cultural Center at Ohio State University Carries Legacy of Dr. Frank W. Hale Jr.

December 28, 2019/by ujimaunit

This Ohio City Triumphed in the Face of 2019 Devastation

December 22, 2019/by ujimaunit

6 Black-Owned Hotels in Ohio

December 17, 2019/by ujimaunit

Top 9 Places African-Americans Live in Ohio

December 14, 2019/by ujimaunit

A Legendary Queen from Ohio

December 13, 2019/by ujimaunit

A Taste of Black Cleveland Features 19 Black-Owned Restaurants

December 11, 2019/by ujimaunit

This Ohio HBCU Has Been Educating Students Since 1887

December 11, 2019/by ujimaunit

Willowbeez Soulveg • CBUS, OHIO

December 8, 2019/by ujimaunit
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