Take Control

Your Health, Your Wellness

Your Health, Your Wellness: Take Control

From fitness to nutrition, from financial to mental wellness, let’s be well together regardless of your age or your budget. 

According to the CDC, if you work out at least 150 minutes a week of moderate-intensity aerobic activity (i.e 30 mins/day, 5 days/wk). Strong scientific evidence shows that physical activity can help you maintain your weight over time. You can also reduce the risk of Cardiovascular disease, Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome, Cancers (Bladder, Breast, Colon, Endometrium, Esophagus, Kidney, Lung, Stomach, etc.). Fitness greatly improves your health and quality of life. 

In addition, the NCBI notes that according to medical studies, mental health can also be improved by regular exercise. Benefits include the following; improved sleep, increased stamina and endurance, stress relief, improvement in mood, increased energy, and reduced tiredness improving mental alertness. 

The APA (American Psychological Association) has also linked stress to finances. We can conclude that fitness, mental health, nutrition and finances are all linked to quality of life. 


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