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Diawn is an established degreed chemist, wellness expert, and owner of Soza Fitness

Wellness, and Hippie Chemist in Parma, Ohio. With over 25 years experience as a chemist in the chemical/coatings industry, and over 20 years experience in allied health and wellness, Diawn combines her knowledge of science, and wellness into holistic offerings. Diawn formulates wellness products, offers white labeling and formulas for B2B, and individual consumers. Diawn enjoys spending time helping students, seniors, and people in her community understand wellness and natural products. During the Pandemic with a national shortage of cleaning supplies Diawn was on local TV stations  teaching the public how to make natural cleaners. Diawn hosts a herbal healing virtual group, does speaking engagements, question and answer sessions, educates clients and business corporations on holistic healing. Diawn loves sharing her knowledge and helping future generations of people live a healthier lifestyle.

-Heidi Sathre

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