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jowan smith

Jowan started 1,000 Ties two years ago after watching her son learn how to tie a tie on YouTube. This led her to thinking about all of the skills young men are lacking. She started with an event where the community came together to work with the young men. They did workshops and had access to resources. They learned how to put on ties that were donated by the community.

During the pandemic she turned the event into a mentoring program. The young men do monthly virtual session, community service, and do activities in the community. She prides herself on helping our young men eliminate barriers starting with something as simple as a tie. Her life skills curriculum is now in three school districts. She has an annual event.

For the first year and a half she 100% funded all of the outings and materials for sessions. She works night and day building a community for the young men and their parents. She has 100% parent participation. She gives out hygiene kits at libraries for young men and women ever since the pandemic. She is very deserving of this honor.

-Trayvon Porter

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